Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that evaluates physical performance related to sports, giving indications for sport injuries and musculoskeletal disorders prevention (obesity, scoliosis, flat feet etc..). 

SEM specialists treat and prevent most common sport injuries: knee and ankle distorsion; muscle, ligament, tendon and bone problems, hematomas, pubalgia.

Specialist in SEM acts in:Specialist in SEM acts in:

  • medical certification of suitability to take part in competitive and noncompetitive athletics
  • athlete medical monitoring, for sport injuries prevention and physical performance improving
  • first aid for sports musculoskeletal injuries; sport injuries rehabilitation
  • exercise prescription for medical condition and prevention


Dr. Cosimo Luigi Lauro
Sports Medicin Specialist
Chief executive officer of Lauro Group Srl


Degree of Sports Medicine (1982)
Degree of Doctor Of Medicine  (1979)
State Medical Board, Benevento (n. 1201)

Medical specialist examination

Sport injuries
Medical certification of suitability to take part in competitiveand noncompetitive athletics
ECG and spirometry
Sports injury prevention
Sport performance improvement

Sports traumatology

Sprain of knee and ankle
Muscle injuries
Tendon injuries
Ligament injuries

Suitability certificate

Medical certification of suitability to take part in competitive noncompetitive athletics
ECG and spirometry for sports

Sports performance


Injuries prevention
Improvement of sports performance


IThe improvement of sports performance is the priority objective of professional and amateur athletes.

The robotic physiotherapy, taking advantage of the personalized training protocols and the skills of the sports doctor, allows the athlete to increase physical, mental, technical and tactical skills, in order to consolidate and enhance his performance in competition.

In particular, through protocols of joint proprioceptive training, muscle rebalancing and targeted muscle strengthening (scapular and pelvic girdle), we obtain a significant increase in muscle tone and joint skills in our athletes. This results in physical results of great technical impact in sports practice:


Increased speed in travel and shots
Increase of agility and elasticity in jumping and in other complex athletic gestures, such as rapid changes of direction
Joint stability in contacts with the opponent and in the impact on the pitch
Reduction of the frequency of injurues
Increased speed of reaction to stimuli


Medical therapy

Functional bandaging